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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Should you Make the Switch From Coffee to Date Seed Coffee?
We've grown to take a serious liking to the rush of caffeine through our veins and a blast of energy to our fingertips! While staying energetic throughout the day is an 'A' grade proposal, what if you could stay energetic and ready while regulating your health? A warm cup of date seed coffee helps you do just that. Date Seed Coffee is known to be a healthier alternative to a caffeinated beverage with its natural energy boost and added nutrition.
Why is date seed coffee better than regular coffee beans?
Date seed coffee is better than regular coffee for the simple reason that it makes you feel at the pink of health with every sip. Every cup of freshly ground coffee gives you a boost of nutrition and energy without a modicum of caffeine! We also believe in procuring the coffee to be an eco-friendly process that aids in tackling food wastage that would otherwise go into a landfill.
Is date seed coffee caffeine-free?
Yes, Date Seed Coffee is absolutely caffeine-free. This comprises the most interesting feature of the coffee!
The Process of Procuring Date Seed Coffee.
Hand-picked from the most luscious, plumped-up dates, the seeds remained untouched by preservatives and other artificial polishes. The seeds are cleaned and dried in an elaborate process that gets rid of any dirt or grime that may have settled during extraction. The seamless technique of hand-roasting and grinding the seeds promises you a smooth, soft and fine powder that disintegrates into the milk or its substitutes as you fill your cup. The powder is then stored in containers and jars specifically designed to keep out any moisture that may impact the composition or texture of the coffee!
What does Date Seed Coffee Taste Like?
Date Seed Coffee tastes very similar to coffee, only it's not as bitter because of its lack of caffeine. However, it has an aroma that strongly resembles freshly ground coffee powder with a tint of a chocolatey flavour to it.
Is Date Seed Coffee Medicinal?
Date seeds contain significant amounts of beneficial food ingredients such as oleic acid, dietary fibers, and polyphenols. Thus, it does have a plethora of medicinal properties including it aiding in the reduction of cardiovascular diseases, boosts your immune system health and maintains a healthy general bodily balance!
What Health Benefits does Date Seed Coffee Offer to you?
The health benefits of Date Seed Coffee is a treasure trove. However, we only have limited space on this webpage so let me list out the golden starred benefits for you.
  • Your anxiety levels drop
  • You can finally achieve a good night's sleep.
  • Avoid headaches that are more than often caused by the large amounts of caffeine in your bloodstream.
  • Good for balancing your blood pressure.
  • Helps in belly fat reduction by cutting out the cortisol levels that coffee gives.
  • Maintains healthier teeth because coffee stains teeth and contributes to the erosion of a teeth's enamel.
  • Weight loss.
  • Reduces jitters and shaky hands.
  • Less Risk of Cardiac ailments.
  • Reduces the risk of Diabetes.
  • Heals gashes.
  • Diarrhea treatment.
  • Increases immunity in pregnant women.
  • Hair loss treatment
Need I say more?
Can Date Seed Coffee be consumed cold?
Yes! Date Seed Coffee can be consumed hot and cold as per your preference.
What Date Seed Coffee Offers you with every cup.
Apart from its chocolatey taste and its light coffee texture, it gives you a hamper of nutritional power with which digestion accelerates, heart health is managed and enables the facilitation of weight loss! Also, have you been trying to rid yourself of those anxiety jitters that you experience after those endless cups of coffee? Fear not, because with Date Seed Coffee you could have the best of both worlds with healthy amounts of coffee with absolutely no fear of feeling jittery and hyper!
Can date seed coffee be flavoured?
Yes! Date Seed Coffee can come in a variety of flavours some of the most popular being cardamom and cinnamon along with a sweet, cacao flavour too!
Is Date Seed Coffee more Eco-Friendly?
Who wouldn't want to work their way to a sustainable planet while drinking cups of coffee? Definitely me. And you. Date seed coffee is procured from the seeds of date that would have otherwise been thrown down a chute or incinerated because of it being a by-product of the date industry. Using date seed to make coffee means minimizing waste and using it to make a delicious drink.
What are the Ingredients of Date Seed Coffee?
Consuming a warm cup of date seed coffee differs with each person and their taste palates. However, the most popular way of enjoying a cup is by adding the usual amount of the decoction, a pinch of cardamom, a teaspoon of date syrup, a pinch of cinnamon if you feel a little extra and some warm milk or water (depending upon how you like your coffee)!
What could you spice-up your coffee with?
The versatility of Date Seed Coffee is such that most sweeteners and spices pair up wonderfully with the drink! Be it a tangy, chocolatey taste like cacao or the spicy, fresh flavour of cardamom, date seed coffee seems to be a social element that gels well with everything. The most common add-ons are cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, honey, ginger, nutmeg, caramel, vanilla extract, finely chopped pistachios and even coconut oil!
Date Seed Coffee? A good idea?
Let's just keep this answer simple and ABSOLUTELY!