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Why make the switch to date seed coffee?
Because you could stay energetic and while regulating your health. A warm cup of date seed coffee is a healthier alternative to a caffeinated beverage with its natural energy boost and added nutrition.
Why is date seed coffee better than regular coffee?
For the simple reason that it makes you feel both healthy and energized, with a boost of nutrition and energy without a modicum of caffeine!
What does date seed coffee taste like?
Date seed coffee has an aroma that strongly resembles freshly ground coffee powder with a tint of a chocolatey flavour to it, only it's not as bitter because of its lack of caffeine.
Can date seed coffee be flavoured?
Yes! Date Seed Coffee can come in a variety of flavours, like cardamom and cinnamon along with a sweet, cacao flavour, too!
Date Seed Coffee? A good idea?
Let's just keep this answer simple: ABSOLUTELY!
Our Story
Date See Coffee is a cup blended with a scoop of history and a teaspoon of the modern world. Date Seed Coffee can be dated (no pun intended) back centuries to its cultivation in the Southern parts of the Middle East ...
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